Pure typesEdit

Ok so if you'ved played runescape for a while now you probably figured out there are Attack, Defense, Strength, Wood cutting, Fire making, Fishing, Cooking, Dongeoniering, Magic, Range ect. but there are people called pure which are people who only work on Attack, Defense, Strength, Range or Magic to lv 99 and nothing else yeah sure they may lack in other areas but when it comes to that one skill there're almost invincible for example i like to keep my Attack, Defense and Strength all even and accasionally i work on Range and Magic but the most common pure is the Str pure (Str = Strength, Att = Attack and Def = Defense) but there are other pures like the mining pure, wood cutting pure and fishing pures but its your choice to work on stuff like that not mine so don't blame me if you become a pure but there's also the runescrafting pure, fletching pure, its only if you work on one skill forever until its lv 99 that you are a true pure then u can work on other skills if you wish but i do not recommend you people being a pure.

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