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First things firstEdit

After beating the dragon in the celar then i suggest battling cows and selling their hides at the G E or other wise known as the Grand Extange GE or G E for short anyway in you start in lumby or lumbrige and if you head north you will find varrok and east of varrok is the barbarian village and the goblin village too, north of varrok is the wilderness i suggest if your under level 30 go with freinds or if your under level 18 don't go there at all but you can find demonheim for dongoniering, clan wars, and several other spots. try meeting people close to the same level as you.


As you know runescape involves 3 types of damage Melee, ranged, and magic attacks, revents cover all three attacks, here are some more things you can fight unicorns, cows, chickens, mice, giant rats, ghosts, other people in pvp, cockroaches, bats, skeletons, skobeltions, mages, bandits, men, wemon, and a lot of others i haven't got the time to list...

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