The long and officail runescape guide everything you need to know on this pageEdit

level 1 attack you can use and wear

bronze dagger, bronze sword, bronze pick axe, bronze hatchet, bronze mace, bronze plate body, bronze war hammer, bronze chain body, bronze 2 handled sword, bronze long sword, bronze square sheild, bronze kite sheild, bronze mid helm, full bronze helm, bronze battle axe, bronze simitar, and for all the iron armor and weapons its the same, for all the steel weapons and armor you need level 5 defense and level 5 attack, for black armor and weapons you need level 10 attack and level 10 defense, for mithril armor and weapons you need 20 attack and 20 defense, for adement armor and weapons you need level 30 attack and defense and for rune you need 40 attack and defense

for range you need 1 range for using a shortbow and crossbow, for a longbow level one range, for oak bow you need level 5 range and for a willow longbow you need level 20 range, for a maple bow you need level 30 range to use it.

for magic all these staffs are level 1 magic, water, fire, air, magic, and the earth staff and a regular staff

it takes experiance to level up your stats its not an over night thing or something easy later on its tough all the way there pal so don't expect any breaks.

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